Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018

That’s it, we’re in the middle of winter. Temperatures are near zero and night is falling earlier and earlier. Scarves and hats are out, but that’s no reason to neglect your beautiful hair. It’s good, Hello Hairdresser decrypts for you the hairstyles trend for winter 2018 especially for you ladies.Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018

Trend hairstyle winter 2018: before the color!
winter hairstyle coloring 2018
The tone is given for this winter, priority colors: what better to cheer?
Head to your favorite hairdresser – do not forget to make an appointment with a click thanks to Hello Hairdresser – to revive your hair with shimmering colors. Favor mahogany or blonde Venetian colorations to bring a little warmth to your complexion in these periods of great cold.
The metallic blond also returns to fashion in the hairstyles 2018 trends and will allow nice contrasts depending on your outfits and your complexion. Be careful in this case to the roots: if your natural color pulls on the brown, the metallic jump may create a strong demarcation that you will have to watch closely to be sure to keep some consistency. A metallic blonde can also be a great asset to showcase with hats and other hats provided you avoid the white that will not bring much contrast.Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
Finally black ash remain trendy hairstyles in this winter of 2018 and accentuate the cold effect. They will go perfectly with outfits and hats in very bright colors. It’s also a color that will allow you to enhance your makeup, especially the very flashy lipsticks.Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
As you can see, in terms of coloring, the two main hairstyle trends are the shimmering colors such as mahogany, auburn or Venetian blond to warm the hearts, or black and metallic blondes that allow very interesting contrasts. your complexion, your clothes and your makeup.
Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
Winter hairstyle trend 2018: the square in strength for short hair and freedom and natural for the longest hair
The square for a marked and assertive look
blurred square during a hairdressing parade
Regardless of your age, the square is the great trend hairstyle of this winter 2018. It allows to assert a strong look, with character: ladies, fully assume your woman power by emphasizing with this cut sometimes strict, sometimes rock, but who never fails to detonate.
The big advantage of the square and its ability to adapt to all situations: for a business look favor a strict square, with or without fringe or a plunging square. The asymmetrical square will bring originality without losing seriously. Once out of the office the corrugated square or blurry meanwhile will display a look much more free but still asserted. With a leather jacket what more rock? Finally the square will bring a strong touch of elegance with a turtleneck sweater, sober but terribly effective: the top of the trendy hairstyle!For medium-length hair: tendency to degrades and destructuredWomen: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
If you wear mid-length hair the unstructured cuts will bring a glamorous effect. A symbol of freedom thanks to their airy style, the unstructured hairstyles, with their hairstyle-tousled look, will match perfectly with a pretty beret or hat worn high enough to let your hair appear. The hairy fall will also give a beautiful rendering with a more structured winter coat – straight or bent – worn preferably long, and that will bring a welcome contrast with your very loose cut.
Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
unstructured hairstyle in winter trend 2018
Long hair: volume and chic
Finally, the hair trend winter 2018 for long hair will be volume to highlight your hair. For this result the tips are barely tapered and natural undulations highlighted with a wavy effect that will recall the beautiful days of summer and spring. Opt for a warm color to accentuate the highlights and shine of your hairstyle while brightening your face.
As for cuts cut on medium length hair, the ripple and the warm colors on long hair will agree more perfectly with your most beautiful coats of winter thanks to a natural fall of the most beautiful effect.Women: Hairstyle trend winter 2018
If you want to enhance your hairstyle think of the top bun or the half-up. These cuts, in addition to clearing your face, are perfect hairstyles trend winter 2018 because it will often agree very well with outfits adapted to the cold: turtlenecks, sweaters with large mesh, see sweatshirt. Indeed, the volume contrast between your hair and your top will highlight your face between the two and allow a beautiful harmony at all.Fancy a trendy hairstyle for winter 2018: make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser with Hello Hairdresser!
Whatever your choice, winter and often the right time to change your hairstyle. Indeed, it is usually a time when morale can decline and the daily routine is much more felt than usual with the decrease of sunshine. Changing hairstyle is therefore an ideal solution to bring a little novelty and pepWomen: Hairstyle trend winter 2018

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