Wavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever

The wavy hairstyle marks its big return in the hair trends. Its natural wavy rendering usually feels good on the holidays and the sun, so even in winter why not take the opportunity to brighten your face. Hello Hairdresser explains everything you need to know about the wavy hair effect that is back in force for its glamor and natural volume.Wavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever

Beyonce’s hair salon wavy
The wavy hairstyle, or the beauty of the wavy
In English the term wave refers to wave. As this term lets it imagine a wavy hairstyle creates a wavy effect on the hair the goal being that the final rendering is as natural as possible. The hair must not be completely curly and especially the final effect must seem slightly disheveled to not seem too artificial. Thus the wavy hair allows to gain volume naturally through a falsely disheveled effect and especially a spontaneous hold that will suggest that this is the natural nature of your hair.Wavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever
The wavy hair has already convinced many celebrities who have been wearing for several years, including Beyonc� or Rihanna.

The wavy on curly or afro hair
On curly or afro hair the wavy can even replace a hair straightener. Indeed, it helps reduce frizz and replace them with loops wider, more flexible and more flexible. In addition to curly hair wavy can reduce the natural volume of the hair and create an artificial volume that has the advantage of not swell during drying. It is therefore a volume easier to control and therefore easier to comb on a daily basis.Wavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever

The wavy, how does it work?
The technique of wavy is to use an alkaline cream to soften as naturally as possible curly or frizzy hair without straightening as aggressively as with a classic straightener. The hair thus retains its natural undulation and especially the wavy does not damage the hair fiber and therefore requires less maintenance than hair straightening, especially in terms of hydration. The wavy will thus allow to preserve up to seven times more internal connections than during a classic straightening.The benefits of wavy hairWavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever
The main advantage of the wavy is its greater softness than a straightening. If your hair is fine and sensitive this technique is very aggressive so it is better to maintain their strength and vitality. You can also opt for a wavy hair if you are looking to simply get a relaxation and a decrease in the volume of your hair. Your hair will be much easier to comb and maintain daily.
The wavy can also have a beneficial effect on the shine of the hair. Indeed, thanks to the waves it creates your hair will take much better light and the fact that this technique is not aggressive will intensify their reflections. Unlike a straightening that damages the proteins of the hair fiber and decreases the level of keratin within the hair by desiccating the wavy hair does not alter the scales or the heart of the hair. Except it is the rate of keratin and the good condition of the scales of the hair fiber that give shine and vitality to your hair.
The wavy also allows a hairstyle very easy and fast daily. Indeed a wavy hair allows a wide and natural undulation. Therefore, and even if the hair is not as stiff as after a straightening, the passage of a comb or a brush will be much easier. After a wavy finished the knots and frizz!

Rihanna and her wavy hair at a gala
How to maintain a wavy hairstyle on curly or frizzy hair?
In order to keep as long as possible your hairstyle wavy hair after the passage to your favorite hairdresser you must maintain the best possible your hair. For this reason it is advisable to moisturize your hair daily with a lotion. Aloe Vera is an excellent source of natural moisture that will avoid damage to the hair fiber while deeply moisturizing. With this daily hydration your hair will remain relaxed much easier and you can more easily control their volume, keep their natural ripple while enhancing their brilliance.
Do not hesitate to use a lotion based on keratin from time to time. This protein, which contains 95% of the hair fiber, will nourish your hair and remains the best solution to maintain their flexibility. Indeed, hair sufficiently nourished with keratin will be much smoother and will therefore more easily keep a natural fall and undulation.By maintaining and nourishing your hair sufficiently you can easily increase the duration of your wavy hair from 6 to 10 weeks, so enjoy it, your hair will make you feel good.Wavy hairstyle: the wavy hair more trend than ever

The Wavy hair in brief
The advantages of a wavy hairstyle are many:

Unlike straightening the wavy hair does not damage the hair fiber and therefore remains more respectful of your hair. Therefore prefer it if you have sensitive or fine hair.
The wavy hair allows a natural result thanks to ample undulations and a soft fall.
A wavy hairstyle will intensify the shine of your hair thanks to loose curls and waves and healthy hair.
A wavy hair will allow you to better control your capillary volume for easier everyday.
Hairstyle wavy hair at Carmen Beaut� Paris
Want a wavy hair too?
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