Touch Screen Tech and MRSA Virus Dangers

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Well, touch the screen technology is finally here, isn’t it? That’s great, I guess we all agree, and yet, I’d sure like to remind everyone that the MRSA virus is also here, there, and well, everywhere as well. The other day, I was sitting at Starbucks discussing this with a medical student who is in his final round of medical school classes, what a long haul it’s been for him, all he does is study, poor guy, but I’ve been there, school that is, so I understand what it takes.

We got to talking about innovations for medicine, hospitals, health care, and battlefield first aid, and I mentioned that we needed a UV light-box, something like a microwave oven that we could put all the TV Channel Clickers into at night in the hospitals. I recommended that the system modulate the UV light with LED light of certain frequencies to kill the MRSA virus. Yep, that would work he agreed, which I knew as I’ve been studying that little problem we have, not only in our hospitals, but on shopping carts, schools, gyms, and well almost any public place like that – even locker rooms.

Now then, there was an interesting article in Self Service World (Industry News) on October 6, 2011, about Steve Jobs and how he’d changed the industry, the article was titled; “Commentary: Steve Jobs’ influence on our industry,” by Brian Ardinger. The article stated;

“Every bit of the technology from a kiosk, to digital signage to mobile has few of his fabric woven into it. From popularizing a graphical user interface to a latest Siri personal assistant technology, Steve has led a charge to make technology more powerful, more, human and more personal. In this industry, I’ve talked to many of those, are here because of Steve Jobs and also his influence. He got us excited about technology. He gave us all the tools to build businesses. He made us say, “WOW” over and over again.”

Okay so, all this is great for convenience, but at the grocery stores we use the keypad, slide our rewards card, punch our numbers in, etc, and at the gas station we use the touchpad when fueling, and at the ATM same difference, just as we might loading songs at the bookstore or a hundred other places. All fine and good right, well, what about MRSA, and that’s all I have to say. Indeed, I ask that you please think about all this and the risks we take on a daily basis – maybe it’s a good thing Siri came along when he did – thanks, Steve!

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