Top hairstyles man 2019

Once again, here is the Top 100 hairstyles for the year 2019.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
The year 2018 was very inspiring in terms of haircuts for men. The popular cuts of the past year allow us to anticipate the trends of the year 2019 which are the following.
Curly hair is again in the spotlight, no need to cut, smooth or seek to transform them in any way, embrace your curls if you have, it’s the perfect time for!

The Pompadour hairstyle continues to be so trendy, while the Man Bun has clearly lost its popularity.
The Crop hairstyle returns this year stronger than ever, if you have never tried this style, now is the time to try the experiment.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
So here without waiting for the new top 100 hairstyles man for the year 2019. Do not hesitate to inspire you cheerfully, this ranking is the reason for that!

1. Textured Pompadour + Low Gradient
To open the ball, here is a beautiful textured Pompadour with a low gradient. If you want an effective hairstyle that does not go unnoticed while remaining stylish and elegant, here is the cut you need!

2. Quiff Textured + White Gradient
To open the ball, here is a beautiful textured Pompadour with a low gradient. If you want an effective hairstyle that does not go unnoticed while remaining stylish and elegant, here is the cut you need!
Top  hairstyles man 2019
2. Quiff Textured + White Gradient
The combination of Buzz cut with contours and an essential hairstyle for those looking for a simple and short hairstyle. However, if you have an uneven head or large ears, you should opt for a longer hair style. This hairstyle highlights facial features such as the nose or ears.

4. bowl cut + low gradient
Bowl Cup returns in 2019 with several variations and styles. You can shape it according to your moods and preferences. Your hair is cut short on the side while remaining long at the top. A very simple hairstyle to maintain.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
5. Original braids
Although it is women who initially wear braids, they are also very popular among men. These hairstyles are of an incomparable style. This is the most creative cut style for men who want to look cool and fashionable.

6. Caesar cut + wavy hair
If you have natural wavy hair, this hairstyle is for you. On this Caesar cut, the hair is shaved on the sides and the hair is styled at the top. You get a very good result as can be seen in this picture.

7. Buzz Cut + Gradient to White + Disconnected White Beard
This is another cut that can work with almost all types of hair. It does not matter whether you are Arab, black or Asian, it will be good for you. If you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, the buzz cut is perfect.
8. Quiff Textured + Gradient Top
This hairstyle offers a style that is both elegant and versatile. It works with many face shapes and hair types. Perfect for men looking for a popular, modern and stylish hairstyle.
9. Slicked back + Gradient Top
In this photo we have a beautiful Slicked Back, a hairstyle always trendy, combined with a high gradient perfectly executed and a clean cut and maintained beard.
10. Pompadour + Full beard + Long mustache
Top  hairstyles man 2019
Pompadour + Full beard + Long mustache – Men’s haircut

Here we have an incredible Pompadour without gradient, coupled with a full beard and a long mustache. An ideal hairstyle for men who want to get an elegant and modern look while retaining the traditional mustache.

11. Waves + Degraded at temples + Disconnected beard

Waves + Gradient at temples + Disconnected beard – Men’s haircut

The waves are a classic among black men or M�tis, on this example we have a subtle gradient to the temples and a disconnected beard, all sublimated by perfect contours. If you want a simple hairstyle that’s perfect for a laid-back lifestyle, this is the cut you need.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
12. Hair styled on the side

Hair styled on the side – Men’s haircut

This is a very popular hairstyle among men and will remain so for a good time. The hair is styled on the side with a very nice movement. However, this cut does not work for all hair types.

13. Small Afro + Gradient Burst

Small Afro + Gradient Burst – Men’s Haircut

If you like afro hairstyles but do not want to be too noticeable, here is a perfect alternative, elegant and stuffed with style. The gradient and outlines are of utmost importance if you want the hairstyle to work.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
14. Long neck or mullet cut

Long neck or mullet cut – Men’s haircut

The long neck cut or “mullet” is quite rare but it returns to fashion for 2019 so we had to present it. A cup with a very hipster style that will seduce more than one.

15. Disordered Quiff + Average Gradient

Disordered Quiff + Medium Gradient – Men’s Haircut

The Quiff hairstyle is one of the hottest men’s haircuts of 2019. The hair is strategically shaved on the sides to leave more hair at the top. After that, you can shape the upper hair according to your mood and preferences.
16. Flat Top + Creative Ray + Gradient to White

Flat Top + Creative Stripe + Gradient to White – Men’s Haircut

Flat Top + Creative Stripe + Gradient to White – Men’s Haircut

If you’re looking for originality in 2019, then this hairstyle may be for you. We have a flat top at the top and the sides are in gradient with an original stripe, which gives this look stylish and stuffed with style.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
17. Man Bun on long wavy hair + Contours

Man Bun on Wavy Long Hair + Contours – Men’s Haircut

This hairstyle is one of the best alternatives to the ponytail for tying one’s hair back. The contours and the slight gradient sublimate the entire hairstyle.

18. Quiff on Curly Hair + Gradient Top

Quiff on Curly Hair + Gradient Top – Men’s Haircut

If you have curly hair, here is an ideal hairstyle for you. The sides are degraded and on the top we have beautiful curly hair with a banana towards the front of the skull. The contours are meticulously worked to complete the entire cut.
Top  hairstyles man 2019
19. Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour – Men’s haircut

This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles on the market at the moment. If it is to your taste, do not hesitate to try it. Simple, classy and terribly effective.

Top  hairstyles man 2019

20. Textured Crop + Gradient Top
Textured Crop + Gradient Top – Men’s Haircut

Looking for a classic and stylish haircut that will give you the look you want? Here is the hairstyle for you. The textured crop is beautiful, the gradient perfectly executed and good contours can sublimate the whole, a cup that we love.

21. Quiff Textured + Tincture + Gradient Top

Quiff Textured + Tinting + Gradient Top – Men’s Haircut

On this hairstyle we have a Quiff with textured blonde highlights that gives a super warrior hair effect. Complemented by a top-to-bottom gradient, a stylish hairstyle that will not go unnoticed.

22. Buzz Cut + Gradient to WhiteBuzz Cut + Gradient to White – Men’s Haircut

For all those looking for a modern hairstyle without being too eccentric, here is the hairstyle for you. A classic buzz cut combined with a perfect white gradient.

23. Messy Quiff + Gradient Top + Beard DisconnectedMessy Quiff + Gradient Top + Beard Disconnected – Haircut man
Top  hairstyles man 2019
On this haircut, you have a stylish look that seems to be a good style for men who like a little rebel style and want to highlight their beards. Your hair and beard complement each other to fit your style perfectly.

24. Crew cut + Gradient to white high
Crew Cut + Gradient to White Top – Men’s Haircut

This hairstyle is practical, easy to make and maintain, and workable for almost any hair type. The sides are carefully shaved to leave more density at the top. It’s a good hairstyle for all occasions.

25. Comb Over + Side Part + Gradient to Medium WhiteComb Over + Side Part + Gradient to Medium White – Men’s Haircut
Top  hairstyles man 2019
In this example we have an excellent Comb Over side by side, the line on the side and the average gradient add style to the set, a sophisticated haircut that will require a little maintenance on a daily basis.

26. Long Comb Over + MustacheLong Comb Over + Mustache – Men’s Haircut

The comb over on long hair also works very well as you can see in this picture. To get this shiny texture and help the hair to stay in shape it will use an ointment or gel fixing. The mustache adds style to the set but is not essential.

27. Slicked Back + Low Gradient

Slicked Back + Gradient Low – Men’s Haircut

This hairstyle is ideal for professionals who must have a clean look every day. There are also many variants. If you are a professional and want a haircut that will look great in any situation, then this is the perfect match.

28. Comb Over Pompadour + Gradient to white high

Comb Over Pompadour + Gradient to White Top – Men’s Haircut
Another very original hairstyle that will not make you go unnoticed. We have on the top of the head a Comb Over in textured Pompadour, completed by a small blond lock on the front of the head. And on the sides a perfect white gradient, and contours worked carefully giving an incredible result, we love it!

29. Long Side Part Comb out messy

Long Side Part Messy Comb Over – Men’s Haircut A hairstyle that gives the impression that one just got out of bed, perfect for people who want to have a manly style while remaining stylish.

30. Long Slicked back + Medium Gradient

Long Slicked Back + Medium Gradient – Haircut ho
Top  hairstyles man 2019

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