The top haircuts that rejuvenate

The top  haircuts that rejuvenate
A glamorous wavy square, a dynamic undercut cut, degraded mid-length hair … here are 10 unstoppable haircuts for a youthful look.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Dynamic short cuts
Boyish cut, pixie or under cut … short cuts are an ideal option to rejuvenate a face of a few years. Dynamic, they bring pep to the look and give volume to the hair. The trick: avoid too short models or too graphic and prefer those with volume on the top of the head and the front of the face.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Tapered squares and wavy
Cut just above the shoulders, the hair has the perfect length to marry the oval of the face. Slightly tapered on the lengths and ends then highlighted with wavy ripples, they are even more voluminous and aerial. Ideal for fine hair. We also love the short squares, just below the ears, which beautifully sublimate the face.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Degraded mid-length cuts
If you are a long hair follower, go for a degraded mid-length cut at the edges of your face. The trick: shorten the locks at the forehead, to hide the small defects of the face and invigorate the features. Also think about the long bangs, perfect to boost the intensity of the look and hide the fine lines.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Hair: colorings that rejuvenate
Sometimes just three times nothing to win a few years. Sylver Boll, expert in hairstyles trends, certifies it: choosing the right color for your hair can change everything. The only risk to follow his advice? The one you are asked for your identity card to check your age.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Why make a color to rejuvenate?
With age, the hair becomes thinner, difficult to tame and lighten. It is therefore important to find the cut that will highlight the material of your hair. Coloring them will allow to coat the fibers one by one to find a good density. So, even if you want to go for it, you have to go in the direction of nature and choose a lighter color than your basic color. Especially since it will also soften the features of your face. But be careful, no question of going from one extreme to the other. The idea is rather to lighten up a few tones by playing on nuances and shadows.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

You are blonde to light brown
By choosing a lighter color (up to three shades), you will easily camouflage your white hair and soften the features of your face. But, unless your base is already very clear, avoid blonds too straightforward, like platinum. On the contrary, opt for golden or hot blondes, as well as contrasting colors. Top too, the Venetian blond. More than anything, run away from too uniform colorations, which make “helmet” and lack of naturalness. Above all, there is nothing worse to accentuate the dull and tired complexions. The more nuances you bring, the more beautiful the reliefs will be.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

You are dark brown to brown
The dark colors have a tendency to dig the lines and to mark the blandness of the complexion. To give them softness, bet on a light brown. With gold or copper highlights, especially at the edge of the face, you will also bring warmth and radiance to your complexion. Also think about the colors close to the red: coppery, mahogany … Intense and rather dull tones.

Your hair is curly
So that the undulations stand out well from each other, bring relief to your hair with a deeper coloration on the lengths. A good colorist will know where to place the reflections so that the light sublimates them.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

Sweeping and hair contouring, plus options
On its own, the first makes it easy to hide the first white hair. It is also a good introduction for those who are not used to coloring their hair. Very soft, it can soften the contours of the face without changing the pace. Two possibilities are possible: lighten some wicks to bring contrast and blur some white hair. One can also imagine to recolor a part of the hair in tones on tones before adding some lighter locks, so as to keep a real wicked effect while really coloring all the hair. In this case, exit all white hair.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

The second technique, the hair contouring, very personalized, consists in detecting the plots of hair to be put in light to put in front the advantages of the face, and those which it is necessary on the contrary to shade to minimize a defect. Suffice to say that to cheat on his age, it is difficult to do more effective.The top  haircuts that rejuvenate

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