The Top 5 Tech and Social Trends That Are Changing Workplace Health and Wellness Benefits

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What’s the company’s function in enhancing workers’ health taking into consideration a surge in health and fitness and also health-related customer modern technology, and also the changes being made in the health care system?

As a C+ pupil, I never obtain also near the trees to miss out on the natural beauty of the forest – or to discover the forest gets on fire regardless of the tree before me. Sometimes we all need a little tap on the shoulder, “Hey time to divide this job, man.”

According to the Mobile Marketing Professional, there had to do with 97,000 mobile applications available pertaining to health and wellness in 2013. See the article, “Mobile health and wellness app market to take off, expected to get to $26B by 2017.” The wearable modern technologies are new as well as growing industry. If you’re in this room, you’ll most likely be at the Wearable Technologies Conference USA, July 2015 in San Francisco.

Just a small note right here: A $26-billion customer, mobile health app market informs me work environments are not going to be where people take part in healthier searches.

Here are the leading five patterns that are altering offices.

1. Physical activity, as well as biometric monitoring, will certainly be controlled by wearable technologies. According to Goode Intelligence, there will certainly be 5.5 billion customers of mobile and wearable biometrics by 2019.

2. Public health and fitness centers will certainly come to be sophisticated, specialized, and bountiful. See “20 Patterns for the Future” from Athletic Organisation.

3. Medical insurance will certainly soon end up being the duty of the individual. See “Visualizing completion of Employer-Provided Health And Wellness Program.”

4. Workplaces will become a lot more online. Do not miss this fantastic infographic at Brandon, “13 Crucial Digital Workplace Stats and also Trends.”

5. Instilling core worths and developing a healthy and balanced work society will certainly replace a great deal of the effort and financial investment currently going into employee health as well as health and wellness advantage strategies. See, “Firm Core Worths: Why to Have Them and Exactly how to Specify Them.”

Thinking about the above five trends indicates work will not be the location to enhance staff members’ health or the place where you obtain your medical insurance. Work may additionally not be a place you go to each day. However, it will be an association of individuals that share common worths and also goals, ideally inspired by excellent leadership. I am an optimist (they’re usually right with time).

I assume we’re nearly at the point when employees only consider the electronic communications that pertain to their daily job. Anything past that they’re using various resources.

Exactly how does an employer connect with employees in such a fast-changing environment?

My recommendations are to communicate in the physical world. Use print more often. Old-fashioned, published newsletters, sales brochures, as well as wall posters, have little competition. And also they can connect to digital resources that maintain the print media relevant to its audience. Don’t miss this amusing (however true) video clip by IKEA on the enduring high qualities of print media, “Experiencing the power of a bcookbookâ„¢.”.

Try a couple of these and also observe how much they’re observed as well as discussed. They’re not only well done, they will not have a great deal of competition from other media.

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