The History of Wearable Tech

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Once upon a time, people were sick of playing and losing in casinos. Everyone who has ever gone to a casino would know that you can end up losing a lot of money. Playing and winning in a casino seemed all but a stroke of luck and people wondered as to how they could actually get an advantage over their opponents.

Well, you may not believe it but this is how the concept of wearable tech was born – so that one could cheat in casinos. Back in the 1960’s the worlds’ first wearable were made that could count the cards automatically and thus improve the gambler’s chances at the roulette table. There were devices included that worked on the concept of probability helping the user enhance his chances of winning. However, it was then felt that wearable devices could actually work wonders when applied to other fields as well and should not remain restricted to casinos.

How has wearable technology evolved?

The concept of wearable since then has undergone huge changes. Then, in the 1980’s we had the calculator wristwatches taking people by storm, a lot like smartwatches do these days. However, it was a lot different than owing to the fact that electronic gadgets were new and to possess any electronic gadget was a symbol of status. However, the era of calculator wristwatches wasn’t there for long because with time it was seen that these wrist watches were not user-friendly and could not be worn for long.

Wearable technology today

Today, you have a plethora of wearable tech products. Here is a look at a few of them that you surely would have heard about (and would be quite intrigued in case you have not).

1. Google Glass

Remember the Terminator movies and how Cyborg saw the world differently through his eyes? Well, the Google Glass, invented nearly 30 years after, follows nearly the same principle and allows the user wearing them to perform a plethora of interesting tasks including taking pictures and videos.

2. Smart watches

Talk about seeing time in a new way. Be it playing games on your wristwatch, reading emails or posting statuses to your Facebook account there is a number of things that you can do with your smartwatch. Of course, this is apart from seeing the time. Above all, smart watches today run on popular operating systems like Android that can give you access to interesting apps helping you do a lot more.

3. Sports wearable tech

What is the amount of calorie being burnt? How much should you exercise? What is the distance you have run? Well, sports wearable and wearable devices can tell you a lot of information that you need to know about yourself.

4. Computer wearable

Do you wish to remain hands-free while gaining access to huge amounts of data? Or how do you feel about a cassette player attached to a headlamp? Computer wearable devices have been invented in plenty.

5. Wearable wireless webcam

How about wearing a webcam on the top of your forehead and transmitting the data directly to other people? You can capture various life’s moments and transfer the images and videos to the web easily. Sounds interesting, right?

These are of course just a few of the wearable devices in use today. There are a number of other wearable devices that are available today as well. In fact, wearable tech and the technology continue to evolve down the years and one can understand why. This is because wearable tech brings with itself many advantages that you would not get otherwise.

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