The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

Straight square, cut ball, cut boyish, hair mid-long degraded … discover all the trends haircut of the season and our advice to adopt them.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

The bob cuts spring-summer 2019
The essential of the season: the graphic right square, cut just below the ears, accompanied by a long and tapered fringe. Ideal for structuring the face, it refines the features and boosts the intensity of the look. To adopt without hesitation! There are also more rounded and voluminous squares as well as long and wavy squares for a more trendy effect. Finally ultra-degraded squares, type “shag”, are also very trendy and perfect for highlighting curly or curly hair.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

Short cuts spring-summer 2019 trends
This season, we love the revisited ball cut, slightly tapered on the tips, which gives movement to the hair while perfectly marrying the oval of the face. It is ideal to soften the features after 40 years. We also love the very dynamic boyish short cut that highlights the features and is also suitable for fine hair. Finally the pixie cut, more sophisticated, comes in a multitude of versions: wavy, wilde, smooth or lacquered to fit all styles.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

The long and medium-length cuts of spring-summer 2019
Medium long hair and long show this season straight and clean lines to give maximum density and volume to the hair. There are also simply tapered cuts in facial borders that frame the face nicely. A little rarer, the degraded mid-length cuts bring a maximum volume effect to the lengths and give a pretty spring to the curly hair. To adopt preferably if you have thick hair.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

What cut for my long face?

Nothing like a cut adapted to the morphology of your face to highlight its features. Here are all the hair tips to adopt if yours is lying down.

How to recognize a long face?
To have a long face is to have a beautiful oval, slightly elongated and less wide. Which means that the front may be a little bigger, or the chin rather sharp. The features of the face can be fine, the nose a little long too. However, to rebalance facial volumes, some cuts are more recommended than others. Because it’s important to feel good about having confidence in yourself, and that a haircut can transform a personality or give you a boost in case of a hard blow, it’s imperative to know what’s right for you or not.

The haircuts to adopt
The idea is to harmonize the facial features, we must turn to cuts that will give a little breadth and break the length. And to do this, we can imagine some crazy follies, or stay in classic cuts.

In terms of hair length, a mid-length cut is ideal, with wicks that frame the face stopping at the jaw. You can play on the gradients, whether it is a classic gradient along the cheeks, with a longer cut in the back to have a little fun with various hairstyles attached, always leaving the lashes in front. Another classic haircut, but with a stronger personality is the dipping square, with a gradient on the sides that will give volume to broaden the face.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

Volume, yes, it’s what it takes to balance the features of a long face: it is therefore fully recommended to play with beautiful curls and waves. The top? A semi-long square, a little blurry and flexible, unstructured for a chic and casual look. This cut in rounded shape and with volume will give a little width to your face.

If playing on the width of the face is not enough, another trick is to break the length. On the side of the front, one can opt for a long bangs. It’s a simple idea and ultra efficient: whether it is slightly to the side or straight, the fringe has never been so trendy, so enjoy it. By covering the forehead, it clears the demarcation between the face and the hair and reduces the area of ??visibility of the face. Obviously, a very short fringe flush with pin-up hair roots is not at all the right solution. So, even if you have it in your eyes, you have to drop it at least to the eyebrows.

Hair cuts to avoid
Since the face has a morphology in length, the cuts that accentuate this length must be left out. Avoid wearing very long, straight hair that frames the face. If they are wearing a skate in the middle, as is often the case with the models who parade on the catwalks, they will highlight the forehead, the cheeks, the chin, that is to say the part of the face which is the most elongated and that it is necessary, on the contrary, to try to round up.

Conversely, a short cut will not be ideal for highlighting a long face. Of course, the hair will not accompany the length, in a downward motion as with straight and long hair. On the contrary, they will enlarge the face up, and the front will be even bigger.The haircuts of spring-summer 2019

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