The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser

Open your own hair salon: an idea that has been in your head for some time? A dream that you would like to see come true. An accomplishment … but also a great responsibility that can be scary.The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
You are a hairdresser, you are good in what you do and you logically want to assemble your living room? First warning, being a hairdresser and managing a hair salon is not the same job. When we have to take the plunge, some are not interested, some are born for that and others are hesitant. There will be doubts and worries as in any entrepreneurial project. It will be long and maybe difficult at first. The idea of ??this article is to advise you on the four main steps to open a hair salon, put the odds on your side and give you a head start.
The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
The business model
The statuses
The business plan
Step 1 – Prerequisites for opening a hairdressing salon
List of prerequisites to open a hairdressing salon
Most salon managers started as hairdressers in other establishments before starting their own business. Like them, you have worked for years, perfecting your techniques and your know-how in this profession which is also your passion. Note however that being a hairdresser yourself is not an obligation in France to open a hair salon. The regulations in force are based in particular on Decree 97-558 of 29 May 1997 (1), which stipulates the requirement to have at least one professionally qualified person in his living room who must hold one of the following degrees or diplomas :
The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
The professional patent (BP) of hairdressing which is prepared in a year after a CAP hairdressing in apprenticeship or continuous training;
Master’s degree (BM) in hairdressing at the bac +2 level, which makes it possible to train in salon management and gives more recognition to the market than a BP;
The diplomas or the titles homologated or registered at the time of their issue in the national directory of professional certification in the same field as the professional patent of hairdressing and at equal or higher level.The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
If you are not a hairdresser yourself, you can join a hairdresser. By way of derogation, in municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants, men’s hairdressers who only practice the hairdressing profession as an accessory activity or in addition to another profession are exempted from holding the diplomas and titles mentioned in the law.The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
Finally, it is also mandatory to register in the Chamber of Trades, to perform an internship preparation for installation. This is a prerequisite for registration. The goal is to help craft entrepreneurs in their business creation project and facilitate their startup and success. The 4-day internship makes it possible to answer the main questions of future managers and to acquire the essential fundamentals in the field of business management (legal, tax, social, accounting …). In some cases, however, it is possible to apply for an exemption. The internship is for example provided in case of training at the management level similar at least or in case of exercise for at least 3 years of a professional activity with a management share of a level at least equal to that of the internship . However, it is not advisable to apply for an internship exemption given the implications of starting a business. Reminders are always good to take.The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
At this stage you have gathered in your business project the legal requirements necessary and sufficient to open a trade show. You have the know-how of hairdressing and knowledge of business management. These two prerequisites in your pocket are ready to embark on a professional and human adventure of sacrifice and involvement. To reassure you, tell yourself already that you are part of a minority ready to embark on a business project. You are a lover of hair and have the entrepreneurial fiber, so you have the basics. From now on everything is to be built.
The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
Step 2 – What business model for my project?
What will strongly influence your business project is the business model that you will want to put in place. In other words, what kind of salon do you want to open? What culture are you trying to forge? What personality do you want to put in it? What innovation do you want to bring? What new idea do you think is coming into the world of hairdressing? In which category do you want to register? Do you have a project for the takeover of a mixed franchised hair salon or a project to open a women’s hair salon with an innovative, ultra-modern and high-end concept? All these questions you have already normally thought about a little when you started to project
Presentation of hairdressing salon and business model (name, location, layout)
In the presentation of the hairdressing salon you will have to enter as much as possible into the details of your business model. A broad description of the living room concept is needed. Beyond the simple name of the show, explain the layout of your living room, its location and all the features that make up your hair salon. For example, present the main elements that will make the identity of your show as its range, the services provided, the targeted clientele but also the organization of the show itself. Are you planning to hire one or more hairdressers with you? Working with more hairdressers can generate more activities even if it involves risks.
A market study The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
The hairdressing sector is very competitive and it is not uncommon to see badly prepared salons put the key under the door. It is necessary to study the competition, the clientele, the demography, the seasonality, the dynamism of the zone and the perspectives of evolution. To do this you can rely on chambers trades and crafts, regional or national networks such as UNEC (5) that can provide you with relevant information on your sector. This market study will allow you to justify and validate the relevance of your geographical and strategic positioning. It must also be local. Take the time to analyze the competition in detail, whether it is the number of employees, the rates applied, the services offered, the ancillary services offered, the type of clientele or the communication policy. You can also enhance your market research by conducting a survey via a questionnaire to probe what potential customers are looking for in your area.
Communication plan and customers The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
Working on the visibility of your living room is absolutely crucial and essential. To make yourself known, do not hesitate to speak with neighboring businesses, the local press, the town hall and to stick posters or distribute leaflets to prevent the opening of your living room. Finally, a presence on the internet and social networks is the best way to showcase your show and reassure your prospects. A place of choice on the internet via the specialized platform Hello Hairdresser will allow you to communicate on your show in an exceptional showcase. You will be able to put forward your values, your concept and your specificities to make you stand out. This is the easy way to find new customers and build loyalty through a dedicated page and the ease of online booking.The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
Results projection
You are not financial and you do not like numbers? Unfortunately your banker or the success of your project have nothing to do with your extraordinary scissors, only the numbers count in their eyes for the viability of your living room. This file must include a forecast income statement, namely a projection of your turnover over 3 to 5 years, accompanied by projected balance sheets, working capital requirements and projected financing tables. Cash is the key indicator of your success and the only element that can put your salon at risk in case of termination of payment that would result in the liquidation of your business and the end of your project. Here too, hiring a chartered accountant to assist in the preparation of financial forecasts is recommended.
Financing (contributions, loans, leasing, …)The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
It takes an average of 50,000 euros to open a hair salon. But that depends of course on the size of your project. An initial investment of 20,000 may be enough to open two workstations and the investment can go up to 100,000 euros for larger projects. The start-up expenses include the works, the layout, the furniture, the purchase of material, the constitution of stock of products as well as the expenses of the first administrative procedures and the expenses of communication. Then you are free to manage how you will finance your project: personal contribution, close investors, professional investors, bankers, leasing, …The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser
Here you are ready to open your first hair salon. The adventure will be beautiful but will be a success if you put 120% in this project. Do not stay behind your counter or on your chair, and meet your prospects. The teams of Hello Haireur are at your disposal to help you in these first moments to find your first customers and thereafter to build loyalty. Visit our professional page to get your own page about Hello Hairdresser, benefit from our advertising and communication campaigns and make your salon known! And for more information on the gestio The 4 main steps to open a hairdresser

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