Talking Globes for Kids

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Talking Globes for kids are a great way to get your child to want to learn more about the big world out there. If a child is just given a normal globe, it is usually up to the parent to provide the interaction needed to keep the child interested long enough to actually learn anything. However, with talking globes for kids, they will not need as much help from the parent.

The globes have quizzes, multiplayer games and provide heaps of information not just on the geography side, but on things such as currency, population, the distance between countries and much more. The ones we have are by V Tech and Leapfrog and they are great. Your child can start to interact from an early age. Starting from the age of 3 years old the talking globes for kids can begin their journey learning about the world. You can even start earlier than that with getting softballs looking like Globes and other such toys.

We all know that learning has to be fun and engaging for a child to want to participate and as a parent we really have our work cut out with this task. With all the amazing educational toys that are around today from companies like V Tech and Leapfrog our task is made easier. They are available to suit all budgets. You don’t have to spend a fortune to start your child on the right path. These Globes start out from as little as twenty-five dollars.

They can certainly teach parents a thing or two as well. I am not ashamed, well perhaps a little to admit that my own 7-year-old has actually beat me on the multiplayer game on his Leapfrog Globe – he was quicker than his Mom.

A wide range of globes can be found at Globes for Kids. Here you will also find video reviews of the Leapfrog and VTech globes that Hayley’s sons own. The author Hayley is a Mom of 2 and can be found blogging at Mom is Blogging [].

If you want to give your little one the opportunity to learn whilst having fun then Talking Globes for kids are a great place to start.

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