Short cuts that rejuvenate

Short cuts that rejuvenate
After 40 years, shortening the hair a few centimeters can enhance and wake the features of the face. Our hair expert reveals some models of short haircuts to put yours in value. As a bonus, our selection of trendy and feminine looks in our slideshow.Short cuts that rejuvenate

The “fake court” glamor
Long enough on the sides and top of the head, the hair can be styled behind or in front of the ears, but also towards the back or front of the face to create a wicking effect.
This very feminine model, a bit like Alessandra Sublet, offers a multitude of possibilities of hairstyles and is suitable for those who want to keep a little material and length.Short cuts that rejuvenate

Its advantages ? It refines the round faces and slightly thickened at the level of the jaw and neck area. It is also ideal for those who wear glasses and fear that their hair will rebel at the ears.Short cuts that rejuvenate

The very short boyish cut
The short boyish cut, like that of Cristina Cordula, is particularly suitable for very feminine women who like to wear sophisticated make-up or imposing jewelry. Indeed, it creates an interesting contrast.Short cuts that rejuvenate
It also highlights the square or rectangular faces, which have jaws a little marked. If yours is triangular or pointed, it may harden your features.

How to enhance it? With a nice monochrome color, like a platinum blonde, a gray or a chestnut. Avoid scans and wicks that are not very flattering on such short hair.Short cuts that rejuvenate

The trendy asymmetric court
Short on one side of the head, the hair is significantly longer on the other to create a contrast effect. An ideal model for those who wish to give personality and character to their face. Wisely placed on one side of the face, the hair can also highlight your most beautiful profile.Short cuts that rejuvenate

If you like graphic short cuts, you can also go for a slightly dive model, with a short neck and a wick more
Short cuts that rejuvenate

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