Keratin hair care: what is it?

Keratin hair care: what is it?
Do you find your hair dry and damaged? You do not know how to give them all their brilliance and brilliance? Fortunately there may be a miracle solution to revive your hair: keratin. You’ve probably heard this term a little barbaric in advertising or beauty articles without really knowing what it is, how it works and how to use it. Do not panic, Hello Hairdresser brings you all the answers.Keratin hair care: what is it?

Keratin for the hair, what is it exactly?
Keratin, a 100% natural substance present in our bodies
Keratin is primarily a protein naturally synthesized by the body and that intervenes in various ways in our body. It is found in large quantities in tabs, epidermis, hair and …. the hair ! Its role is first and foremost protective, since it helps to prevent external aggressions and harmful UV rays, and gives body parts where resistance, flexibility and strength are found. It is partly thanks to keratin that your nails are soft and not rigid and that your hair is so resistant and at the same time extremely soft.Keratin hair care: what is it?
Keratin is a completely natural substance that can not in any way attack your hair unlike other care that can have adverse effects if they are misused.Keratin, the main constituent of hair
Keratin is not only a protein found in the hair fiber, it is actually the main constituent of the hair. Indeed, 95% of the material of our hair is made of keratin. The more the hair fiber is so rich in keratin the more the hair will be strong and silky. It is therefore essential to keep a high keratin level to preserve the health of the hair fiber. But external aggression can gradually promote the evaporation of keratin finally resulting in dry hair, brittle and dull.Keratin hair care: what is it?
Keratin can be attacked by coloring, drying and the passage of a hair straightener whose heat will alter the scales of your hair and promote the disappearance of the keratin that composes them. It is therefore all the interest of hair care with keratin that to gorge the hair fiber again with this vital protein to restore their brilliance and brightness.Keratin hair care: what is it?

keratin on dry hair
Keratin care for hair, how does it work?
Increase the keratin level of the hair to give it strength
The keratin produced by the body is naturally brought to the hair by the scalp as and when the growth of the hair fiber. Fortunately it is also possible to enrich this hair fiber keratin directly through the hair, including through care.Keratin hair care: what is it?
Indeed, the structure of the hair consists of the heart, in the center, covered with scales that have the role of protecting it. But these scales can be more or less open. By impregnating the hair with keratin care, the protein can thus pass under the scales of the hair to act directly in the heart of it. Once properly applied to the hair, care keratin molecules will bind to those already present in the hair to form more or less long chains. This phenomenon makes it possible, after a hair treatment, to increase the level of keratin in the hair fiber to give it more shine, flexibility and strength.
Keratin hair care: what is it?
Keratin: for what type of hair and in what conditions?
Keratin, as it is the main constituent of the hair fiber regardless of the type of hair it is questions (smooth, shriveled, kinky, etc …), suitable for any hair without special conditions. However, if your hair is already in excellent health the benefits of a care enriched with keratin will obviously be minimal or invisible. Keratin hair care is therefore particularly recommended if you suffer from dry, dull, brittle or rough hair.
If you’re hesitant to resort to keratin hair care do not worry, your hair can not “overdose” keratin. If they are already rich enough in keratin they will simply not absorb the additional contribution of your care but you do not risk to damage them by bringing them too much. What results do you expect from a hair keratin treatment?
Keratin helps strengthen your hair
The first improvement in the condition of your hair will be seen in their robustness. Indeed, hair rich in keratin is generally stronger and more resistant. Therefore you should find much less hair on your brush, combs or pillow. Your hair is much less brittle, also finished the forks that give an appearance sometimes too shaggy to a nice square or gradient. Hair Keratin applied in care is a great way to apprehend the winter, when we are often subject to hair loss. Although it does not compensate for the decrease in vitamin or sunshine this season that increases hair loss from their base, keratin will however reduce brittle hair and thus preserve the volume of your hair.
Keratin hair care: what is it?
Keratin for shiny hair
The lack of shine in the hair is often caused by drying of the hair fiber. By feeding them properly in keratin your hair will see their heart better nourished and the scales around it more closed. This phenomenon will prevent them from drying out and they will therefore keep their brilliance much better. If you find your hair dull do not hesitate to do several care with keratin to offer them a new luster, lasting thanks to the long-term effect of keratin, and a sign of good health.

Silky hair thanks to keratin
In the same way that keratin prevents dryness and therefore tarnishing of your hair, it will also soften them. Indeed, a hair fiber better nourished in keratin allows the hair to be more flexible, resulting in a soft and silky touch. This new flexibility provided by keratin to your hair will also reduce the knots: no more difficulties every time you have to brush your hair or your hair. Keratin is therefore a real miracle care to take care of your hair and give them offer shine, strength and flexibility.Keratin hair care: what is it?

Home hair masks in addition to a keratin hair care
Although keratin is a miracle protein to maintain the health of your hair, it is not enough on its own. So do not hesitate to complete a keratin care with other hair masks to provide your hair with vitamins and complementary proteins. You can turn to house hair masks. In addition to being fun and interesting to prepare, these masks made yourself from natural ingredients only allow you to feed your hair with vitamins and they will come back much cheaper than industrial products.Keratin at a professional hairdresser
To increase the effectiveness of a keratin care you can also turn to a professional hairdresser. Brazilian smoothing is the most effective technique to sublimate your hair thanks to keratin. The principle of Brazilian smoothing is indeed to spread the scales of the hair fiber, then affix a care enriched with keratin on the hair and after this time of installation to close the scales thanks to the effect of the straightener. This method makes it possible to be sure that the keratin could penetrate the heart of each hair to feed them effectively and durably.Keratin hair care: what is it?

Brazilian smoothing with keratin
The benefits of a Brazilian smoothing are many: smooth hair, soft and shiny. It is a summary of all the benefits offered by a care with keratin, made even more effective by the technique of laying the Brazilian smoothing.
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