Hairstyles for long and medium length hair

The natural texture of your hair can help you determine the best hairstyles for men you can adopt, especially if you are looking to grow your hair to a certain length. Having long hair shows that you have good genes and there are many choices for men who want to grow their hair.Hairstyles for long and medium length hair

If you are the kind of person who wants to adopt a new look with long natural hair, it is very likely that you have gone through an endless search on what might be best for you.
Fortunately, we have for you a list of the best hairstyles for men that you could try. Whether you have long hair or you plan to let it grow, there is surely a hairstyle that will fit you!Hairstyles for long and medium length hair

1. Hair shoulders + beard

If you want to try this look, you will need to let your hair grow to the shoulders and care for them carefully. This haircut works very well with a well trimmed beard.Hairstyles for long and medium length hair

2. Textured pompadour

This is a classic hairstyle that suits men of all ages and perfectly adapts to different face shapes. The textured pompadour is a very nice variation of Pompadour, to try if you have the necessary length of hair.4
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
If you are looking for another alternative to the Pompadour haircut, you will definitely like this version. This hairstyle is very popular with celebrities because it highlights your look while exposing your long natural hair.

5. Quiff H�riss�Quiff H�riss� – Men’s Haircut

This hairstyle combines the best elements of both worlds because it is a bit brogue but elegant at the same time. The white gradient on the sides highlights the top of the head, it will apply a little ointment to spice up the quiff.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
6. Messy BananaBanana Messy – Men’s Haircut

On this incredible haircut we have a long banana messy but very stylish on dyed hair, an attractive hairstyle but that will require regular maintenance.

7. Ponytail + Full beardQueen’s horse + Full beard – Men’s haircut
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
Having long hair is an excellent opportunity to wear a ponytail. The ponytail is elegant and easy to manage, it is an excellent haircut, especially completed with a full beard.

8. Large Textured PompadourLarge Pompadour Textured – Men’s Haircut

On this haircut you can see a beautiful textured Pompadour, it takes a certain length of hair to be able to perform this style, the sides are slightly degraded to pay attention to the top of the head. A hairstyle on top!

9. Wavy Hair Cuffed BackWavy Hair Capped Back – Men’s Haircut
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
This hairstyle is characterized by thick wavy hair combed backwards using a comb. It is necessary to use a little styling ointment so that the whole keeps the desired shape.

10. Long Undercut in Comb Over + DesignUndercut Long in Comb Over + Design – Men’s Haircut

In this photo we have an undercut combed combed coupled with beautiful design on the sides. A hairstyle rather adapted to artists and people with atypical personality.

11. Side long messy side

Side Part Long Messy – Men’s Haircut

On this haircut for men we have a messy side part, which inspires to its bearer personality, confidence and simplicity. A haircut to try if you have the necessary hair length.

12. Large textured pompadourLarge pompadour textured – Men’s haircut

Recognized for its elegance and volume, the pompadour is the ideal cut for men who do not want to go unnoticed while remaining elegant and distinguished.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
13. Disordered Straight HairStrong Disordered Hair – Men’s Haircut

This haircut shows just how sophisticated a hairstyle for a man with long hair can be. An inspiring hairstyle that you can reproduce and adjust to your liking.

14. Flat Top StaircaseFlat Stair Top – Men’s Haircut

An incredible hairstyle to try for black or mixed race men. You will need a certain volume to achieve this stair effect. Combined with carefully worked outlines and a gradient on the sides, this hairstyle will have the effect of a bomb.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
15. Long wavy hairWavy long hair – Men’s haircut

There is plenty to do for men with long, wavy hair. This hairstyle allows you to let your long hair fall on your shoulders. It will require a little maintenance to keep your hair soft and hydrated.

16. Slicked Back + Full beard

Slicked Back + Full beard – Men’s haircut

On this cut we have hair styled back in the style Slicked Back, associated with a full beard, the whole gives a lot of charisma to his wearer.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
17. Slicked back Undercut

Slicked back Undercut – Men’s haircut

On this cut we have a very strong contrast between the top of the head and the sides in gradient. A hairstyle that attracts attention while remaining elegant, it will require a lot of maintenance over time.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
18. Long Curly Hair Long Curly Hair – Men’s Haircut

In this picture we have long curly hair capped on the side.

19. Long messy fringe Long messy fringe – Men’s haircut

On this haircut we have a long textured bang that falls on the face, almost hiding the eyes. The sides are shaved, an excellent haircut.

20. Disordered HairstyleHairy Hairstyle – Men’s Haircut

Having hair or a messy hairstyle is a popular style these days. The messy look gives a certain style and it particularly appreciated by women, abuse it without moderation.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
21. Blowout + Degraded at the templesBlowout + Degraded at the temples – Men’s haircut

Another unique hairstyle for men who have adequate hair volume. This haircut is particularly suitable for black and half-breed men.
On this cut for long haired men you have a beautiful Top Knot with short sides gradient, contours and a touch of design have been added to sublimate the whole.

30. Viking style

Viking Style – Men’s Haircut

Here is an unusual haircut but deserves greater popularity. The Viking haircut has become fashionable in recent years, especially thanks to the series of the same name, those who love how the Vikings let their hair grow and their beards will love.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
31. Long Curly BangsLong Curly Bangs – Men’s Haircut

In this picture we have a hairstyle for men with long hair that has stood the test of time. The long curly bangs fall to the level of the eyebrows. Color can be added to the bangs to enhance it.

32. Undercut Comb OverUndercut Comb Over – Men’s Haircut

The undercut comb over is a hairstyle that works perfectly with a full beard. The shaved sides highlight the hair on the top that is combed on the sides to give a nice finish to your overall look.

33. Wavy wavy hairMessy wavy hair – Men’s haircut

A cool men’s hairstyle that gives you a striking look with messy wavy hair. It can be worn with short, medium or long hair. Some wicks have been dyed to give an extra dimension to the style.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
34. Side Part Pompadour TexturedSide Part Pompadour Textured – Men’s Haircut

The Pompadour haircut is ideal for men who want a classy and stylish hairstyle. Accompanied by a side part, and a gradient to white, this hairstyle takes an extra dimension as you can see in the photo.

35. Long hair curlyLong curly hair – man haircut

There are various options for men who have long curly hair. On this haircut we have long curls that fall to the shoulders. With a few strands tint that give a beautiful rendering.

36. Messy Pompadour

Pompadour messy – haircut manYou can also give originality to your pompadour by making it a little rough. The slight gradient on the sides brings dimension to the hair on the top, giving an interesting contrast effect.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
37. Long curly fringe

Long curly bangs – man haircut

A long hairstyle for men with long curly hair that form a fringe in the front. The sides are short and the contours minutely carved.

38. Long Dreadlocks

Long Dreadlocks – man haircut

Dreadlocks are never outdated and they are versatile to suit any face shape. Long dreads are ideal for men who are looking for an innovative way to express themselves while adopting a unique style.
Hairstyles for long and medium length hair
39. Long hair + Full beardLong hair + Full beard – man haircut

It may sound a bit odd, but it’s a very attractive haircut for women. If you have always wanted to grow your hair, this is a good option for you. This cut goes very well with the complete beard.

40. Man Bun + White Gradient

Man Bun + Gradient � blanc – haircut hommeYou can easily perform this hairstyle if you have the necessary length of hair, by simply tying your hair into a bun on top. The gradient makes a contrast with the top, while highlighting the details and overall appearance of the bun.Hairstyles for long and medium length hair

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