Haircut, our tips for square faces

To give style to your hair while sublimating your features, here are some tips morpho hairstyle to adopt without hesitation. To inspire yourself, take a look at our selection of shots.Haircut, our tips for square faces

How to recognize a square face?
It is marked by a broad forehead and jaw. In the stars, Diane Kruger, Natasha Poly or Lucy Hale are pretty examples.

Which look to choose?
Long cuts, short or mid-length, there is no really forbidden. On the other hand, some looks accentuate the square shape of the face while others transform it completely. Demonstration.Haircut, our tips for square faces

I want to bring out my square faceAdopts a short cut, ideal to put forward the angles of the jaw. To you, pixie, boyish and dynamic short squares. If you have long hair, play with hairstyles on the head: a shiny ponytail, a graphic braid or a bun dancer placed on top of the head.
I prefer to round off my featuresOrder for a long or mid-length cut with a gradient on the edges of the face that will soften the lines of the jaw and forehead. If you are a fan of the court, make the movement fall slightly on the forehead with a wicking effect. A long bang will also be a good option for those who wish to hide their foreheads a bit. You can also work on your coloring with a play of shadow and light. Place lighter locks on the forehead area to lengthen it. And finally, adopt hairstyles that dress the contours of the face like fuzzy ties on one shoulder or wavy ripples.
Thanks to Emma Guerri, Director of Saint Algue Training.Haircut, our tips for square faces

How to radically change hair color?

Want to change your hair look and go from brown to blond or blond to brown? Before you start, follow the advice of our expert for successful coloring!

Following a heartache, to change your look or just to try, you are decided to trade your brown for a blonde or your blond for a brown!

Know that coloring or fading is never trivial when it comes to go from one extreme to another. Going from blond to brown or vice versa is not a decision to make lightly and for this to be successful, a visit to the hairdresser is essential …

How to make a choice ?

You have desires and a precise idea (or not) of what you want: a specialist of the color will be able to determine with you the tone which will be best for you according to your complexion of skin, the color of your eyes but also of your style. There is a multitude of shades, whether in brown (copper, cold, glossy …) or blond (Venetian, beige, platinum …).

Changing color can drastically change your overall look, which you release. It is necessary to be able to recognize oneself when one looks in the mirror, and to remain in agreement with what you are! It is therefore important to discuss it, to show photos of what you want so that the hairdresser understands precisely your desires, that he directs you and advises you at best.Haircut, our tips for square faces

Before you start, be aware that coloring or discoloration dries the hair and sensitize it, so we must commit to pampering!
The short cuts will suffer less from this radical change, because it is on the lengths that the pigments concentrate …

I want to go from blond to brown

This change is the most “simple” to do, but you can not pretend to go from blond to brown in one step. The color will not cling and “fake greenish reflections” may appear … It is therefore necessary to go through a pre-coloring (sometimes 2 are necessary), to inject hot pigments into the hair.
Then we go through a coloring, which will complete the work.

It is not because we do not clarify, that the hair does not undergo aggression! After a darker color, and for it to hold well, you must maintain your new mane.
Opt for a special colored hair shampoo that will fix the color thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Then, a conditioner of the same type will enhance the benefits of the shampoo. Finally, every week, make a mask to nourish the hair thoroughly, and beautify the color.Haircut, our tips for square faces

The good vanity:

– Guarana shine shampoo, Camille Albane, � 18

– Okara enhancement mask, 100 ml, Furterer, 14,90 �

I want to go from brown to blond

In that sense, it’s a bit more complicated. If you have very brittle hair, forget, because your hair will not support it and the result will not be perfect.

If you have colored brown hair, a scrub to remove the artificial pigments will be necessary in order to obtain a uniform blond. Then, whether you have natural or colored brown hair, several solutions are available to you: coloring, discoloration (for very dark hair) and for a more natural result, you can opt for a scan in 2 or 3 times for those who are patient (and yes, because it will be necessary to accept between two benefits, that the work is not finished).Haircut, our tips for square faces

To maintain your blond, choose a shampoo for discolored hair, and a mask that moisturizes and nourishes deeply. Sera and care without rinse, you will moisturize daily and easily your hair.

The good vanity:Haircut, our tips for square faces

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