Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

The level of pollution has become a major ecological issue. In fact, microparticles, chemicals and other gaseous pollutants have adverse effects on our health. But pollution also affects our hair. Hello Hairdresser explains what can be the consequences of pollution on your hair and how to protect yourself.
Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?
The consequences of pollution on the hair
The hair fiber tends to absorb and keep in its heart all the substances to which we are subjected daily. We can find in our hair and for several days or weeks traces of some substances breathed or swallowed. It is therefore unfortunately the same with the particles of pollution that surround us, and these can have many harmful effects on our hair.
Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?
First consequence of pollution: drier, duller hair
Dust, exhaust, microparticles, etc … All these polluting and volatile elements, all the more concentrated as we are in the city center, have the unfortunate tendency to be deposited on our hair and to remain there set. The consequence of the accumulation of these particles of pollution on the hair and make them much drier and duller. Indeed, pollution molecules will reduce the brightness and shine of your hair by forming a thin layer around the hair fiber.
Another consequence of pollution is that the hair tends to become more porous and the scales of the hair fiber move apart. This phenomenon promotes the loss of keratin, the protein that is the main constituent of hair and brings them shine, flexibility and strength. Although the lack of shine of the hair may have other explanations than pollution, it is often an important factor, especially if you live in the city center.Pollution makes your hair more brittle
Another consequence of the pollution on your hair is unfortunately to make them much more brittle. Decreasing the level of keratin looses its flexibility and resistance to the hair fiber. As a result you may see a growing number of forks come in to spoil your spikes and increase the number of your remaining hair on your brush or pillow. This phenomenon, in addition to being favored by a lack of keratin, may be due to certain particles with corrosive effects on the hair fiber. These particles will attack your hair surface, reduce their thickness and therefore make them much more fragile. Hair that grinds faster because of pollution
A consequence of pollution that is less often thought of is to increase their tendency to grease. Indeed, when our skin or hair is dry the natural response of our body is often to secrete an excess of sebum to rehydrate. This excess of sebum eventually accumulates and gives an unattractive and unpleasant fatty effect.
The secretion of sebum is also accentuated by the difficulty of the hair and the scalp to breathe when they are covered with a film formed by the particles of pollution. Too oily hair can therefore be caused by high exposure to pollution.

Hair: increase of dandruff due to pollution
Finally, pollution can promote the appearance of dandruff. Indeed by being asphyxiated by the particles of pollution our scalp is no longer able to be aerated properly and eventually dry out. The consequence of this drying out is the degeneration of the cells which end up falling in small plates: the hair films that are then found in our hair and on our sweaters.
This phenomenon of dandruff due to pollution is more likely to affect women and men who wear short hair. Indeed, the scalp is then less protected by abundant hair that could be a barrier to pollution particles.

How to protect your hair from pollution and repair daily aggression?
Pollution can therefore have many harmful effects on your hair: make them dull, greasy or brittle and even promote the appearance of dandruff. Fortunately, there are solutions to combat these different problems.Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

Protect your hair from pollution
The first solution to reduce the harmful effects of pollution on your hair is to protect your hair fiber from the main particles harmful to your hair.Protect the hair fiber from external aggressions with a hat
protect your hair from pollution with a hat or hat
The first solution to reduce the harmful effects of pollution on your hair is the simplest and yet also the one we think least often: cover your hair. For this, think of winter hats or hats in summer. In addition to bringing a certain aesthetic to your outfit, a hat will allow you, when you are outdoors, to avoid the accumulation of particles of pollution on your hair. Obviously when you are indoors a hat or cap loses interest.
If you are not a follower of hats and other hats some hairstyles help to protect your hair more easily. If you have long hair think of the bun: only the visible part of your hair will be exposed to external aggressions, the majority of your hair, folded in the bun, will be protected.

Protective masks
You can also apply protective oils and other masks to your hair in the morning before leaving your home. The advantage of this solution is that it is totally invisible. Some protective masks will also moisturize and nourish your hair fiber throughout the day in addition to protecting it. However do not overdo it: some chemicals in these products can, if they are applied excessively, in turn attack your hair.Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

Wash your hair to get rid of pollution particles
First, wash your hair at a suitable pace: neither too frequent nor too spaced. The best being once every three days or so. Making shampoos more frequently may, on the contrary, aggravate the drying of your hair as well as falls. Dry hair due to too close shampoos have their scales widely spread which favors the phenomenon of fouling microparticles in the heart of the hair fiber. If on the contrary you space too much your shampoos a film of pollution may form around your hair and asphyxiate. Favor soft shampoos to purify the capilla fiber Air your hair by brushing
brush your hair against pollution
To aerate your hair and scalp without the need for shampoos too close, consider brushing your hair every night. You will get rid of the fine dust accumulated all day and allow your hair to breathe. It is also a good way to undo the knots whose appearance can be favored by too dry hair. Brushing your hair will bring down the pollutant molecules that cover your hair fiber and prevent the hair from breathing. You will also remove a lot of the film accumulated during the day as well as the surplus of sebum. Therefore by brushing your hair every night the benefits in the long run will be multiple:Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

You allow your hair to breathe by removing the particles of pollution that cover the hair fiber,
You soften and increase the strength of your hair by aerating,
You will improve your hair by removing excess oil that gives a greasy effect and reducing dandruff.
Prefer to brush your hair in the evening to remove particles, dandruff and sebum accumulated during the day.
Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?
Repairing your hair after the attacks of pollution particles
As we mentioned above, the effects of pollution on your hair are many: oily or dry hair, dandruff, brittle fiber. Fortunately there are solutions to solve these problems. First of all turn to shampoos, masks and other organic hair products. Indeed, if your hair is already brittle and fragile because of the daily aggressions of the pollution better to avoid covering them with new chemical substances.
Think first about a keratin care. Keratin is a protein that makes up 95% of the hair fiber. It is this protein that brings to your hair suppleness and resistance. By turning to care based on keratin you are guaranteed to restore shine and softness to your hair at a lower cost, and especially without risk of external aggression.
Finally, the best solution to repair and maintain your hair despite the effects of pollution is to make your own homemade hair masks. So you’ll be sure to turn to natural and healthy ingredients. Good luck we have listed for you all the easy recipes home made hair mask. Our recipes are composed only of daily ingredients that are already in your closets or your fridge and that concentrate multiple benefits for your hair thanks to their vitamins, minerals and proteins: eggs, oils, fruits, etc …Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

Your hairdresser is your best ally to take care of your hair
If you find your hair dry, brittle or damaged there is a good chance that pollution is a cause of your problem. Your hairdresser will be able to make a personalized diagnosis and restore their health to your hair.Hair and pollution: what consequences and how to protect them?

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