Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?

Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
Tonight I’m going to sleep badly, it’s the full moon. ” The influence of the moon on our behavior is often reflected in traditional and popular beliefs. If its magnetic power on the tides is undeniable, its effects on our sleep, our mood, and our health are more questionable. What about its effect on our hair? There is indeed another popular belief that the Moon would have power over the growth and quality of our hair. If nothing is scientifically proven, many people rely on the lunar calendar to cut their hair with a preference for full moon nights. If we believe the convinced, understand the influence of the Moon would better control hair growth, the effectiveness of care provided and improve the quality of cuts.Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
The head in the moon perhaps, but feet on the ground. These beliefs are based on the applied works of Pierre-Henri Meunier and Michel Gros, who in 1978 published their first Lunar Calendar, a true manual to know how to live with the Moon. Originally designed for agriculture, this manual is also useful for taking care of our hair. “In this world in perpetual motion, nature is often neglected … Bees are less and less numerous, soil pollution is more and more present, climate issues are being felt every day … living with the Moon is a simple and natural way to […] improve the way we live while respecting our environment. For Michel Gros, it is essential to reconnect with our natural environment and especially with the lunar cycles.
How it works ? “The hair is also influenced by lunar cycles, which affect their speed of regrowth, but also and especially their vitality. Like plants, hair can see its cell activity reduce or increase with lunar cycles and cutting them at a good date can slow down hair loss, make hair thicker, stronger, easier to comb or still who do not fork. The Lunar Calendar offers the best dates for increasing and decreasing moons to define the moment that best suits your desires.Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
The lunar phases and their effects on your hair
You do not need to have a thesis in astronomy to understand and follow the phases of the Moon. A single look in the sky every night shows a different moon from one evening to the next. The reason for these phases comes from the elliptical orbit that follows the Moon around the Earth and the fact that the Moon always has the same face when viewed from Earth. Finally, the illuminated portion of the Moon by the Sun varies during a cycle of a little more than 4 weeks which composes a lunar cycle and gives to see different Moons.Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
One cycle begins with a New Moon and ends with the next. The Moon is New when it is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and does not appear in the sky because the Sun only illuminates its hidden face. In the middle of two New Moons we find the well-known phenomenon of the Full Moon which is characterized on the contrary by a totally illuminated Moon. This happens when the Moon and the Sun are on one side and the other of the Earth. The last concept to master to understand the influence of the Moon is the distinction between so-called rising moon and so-called decreasing moon. The Moon is growing between the New Moon and the Full Moon as the illuminated surface increases night after night. Conversely, the Moon is decreasing between the Full Moon and the New Moon, during which the illuminated surface decreases. The diagram below illustrates all these notions.During the growing moon, hair growth is rapid and the hair has a greater vitality so that this period is conducive to changes and care (coloring, cutting, masks …). This effect is maximum on Full Moon Day. In the waning moon, hair growth is slower, but the hair is stronger and thicker. This period is ideal for keeping a shorter haircut longer.
There are no scientific studies supporting these theories today, nor any quantitative data supporting the influence of the moon on our hair or a micro-tide at the level of the human body. This enigmatic power that the Moon would have on our hair remains an unverified mystical belief and everyone is free to believe it or not.
One thing is certain, the Moon has always been a source of inspiration for artists and it could give ideas to your hairdresser. Among them, Djelani Maachi, a hairdresser convinced by the close link between the moon and the hair. Quality, quantity, growth … for this passionate hairdresser everything reacts according to the lunar cycles. Famous Parisian hairdresser having popularized haircuts during full moon evenings, Djelani Maachi welcomes regulars and curious people ready to give new energy to their hair. To make an appointment at Djelani Maachi is here that it happens.
Does the Moon have an effect on us hair?
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