Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt
Degraded, with a fringe, ultra-smooth or plunging, the mid-length cut is available this season in different versions to adapt to all forms of faces. Our advice to adopt it well.Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

Easy going, modern and feminine, the mid-length cut has everything to seduce us. Only problem, it may be a little too classic for those who want to bring some pep to their face. Our advice? Boost your mid-length hair by applying some very simple hairstyle tips.Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

A mid-length hair style for all
Do you have fine hair? Adopt a slightly tapered pattern on the lengths and spikes to bring more movement and volume to your lengths. You can also make natural glamor ripples or more plump curls to create a material effect.

Do you have thick hair? Accompany your mid-length cut with a beautiful fringe, straight or tapered, and degrade your lengths to give them more structure. You can also opt for a shorter wick in the front of the face, ideal to dress the forehead and give more character to the face.

Finally, do not hesitate to crack for a flamboyant coloring, like a pretty red, a coppery brown or auburn brown, to give a touch of autumn to your mid-length cut Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

The top 10 haircuts that rejuvenate
A glamorous wavy square, a dynamic undercut cut, degraded mid-length hair … here are 10 unstoppable haircuts for a youthful look.

Dynamic short cuts
Boyish cut, pixie or under cut … short cuts are an ideal option to rejuvenate a face of a few years. Dynamic, they bring pep to the look and give volume to the hair. The trick: avoid too short models or too graphic and prefer those with volume on the top of the head and the front of the face.

Tapered squares and wavy
Cut just above the shoulders, the hair has the perfect length to marry the oval of the face. Slightly tapered on the lengths and ends then highlighted with wavy ripples, they are even more voluminous and aerial. Ideal for fine hair. We also love the short squares, just below the ears, which beautifully sublimate the face.Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

Degraded mid-length cuts

If you are a long hair follower, go for a degraded mid-length cut at the edges of your face. The trick: shorten the locks at the forehead, to hide the small defects of the face and invigorate the features. Also think about the long bangs, perfect to boost the intensity of the look and hide the fine lines.Cuts for medium hair: our ideas tend to adopt

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