Curly hair: 15 hairstyles to sublimate them

The trend of romantic waves is back in force this season. Whether yours are wavy or much more defined, put them in value with one of these pretty looks!Curly hair: 15 hairstyles to sublimate them

Which hairstyle to choose?

Braids at will Classic or in ears: all sorts of twists are very pretty on curly hair. This allows you to master the material without losing volume or breaking loops. Wear them slightly loose and loose leaving a few strands in front of your face for a more romantic.
Low ponytailsBy curly hair, avoid too high ties that tend to fall back unsightly. Wear your ponytail on the bottom of the neck to let the curls dress up your upper back. The rendering will be much more aesthetic. To make a sophisticated ponytail, follow our video tutorial (below)
Curly hair: 15 hairstyles to sublimate them

Blurred bunchesWhether you wore it high on the head bun way, rather low like banana bunches or you realize it with the help of a headband, keep a disheveled headdress. For that, do not hesitate to draw on your bun to leave some locks. It must not look too perfect.
Romantic tiesThe side hair, semi-fasteners and all kinds of wick fasteners are very pretty on curly hair. They allow to play with the volumes of your hair. To make them, use bun clips or colored hair accessories.
Find all the steps hairstyle of a pretty romantic tie in the video below

How to prolong the outfit of your looks?
Curly hair is often thick, unruly and dry, which poses small problems in maintaining the hairstyle. To keep yours flawless all day long, use rubber bands. They are equipped with small hooks that make the hair even more secure. For the buns and the fasteners, opt for pins a little thicker.

The right bob to rejuvenate
At 40, 50 or 60 years old, this trendy and glamorous haircut is ideal for adding a touch of style to your look. Our advice to adopt the version that will rejuvenate your face a few years.

The gradient square in borders

> Slightly shorten the strands of the contour of the face to give a nice movement to your cut and soften your oval. Feel free to taper the tips to create even more volume.

The square with rounded lines
Curly hair: 15 hairstyles to sublimate them
> The ultra-bulky ball squares soften the facial features and offer a very dynamic rendering. Conversely, avoid long, straight squares that tend to harden lines.

The square sublimated by a fringe

> It enhances the look, camouflages the wrinkles of the forehead and the wrinkle of the lion, gives pep to the cut … the ideal for those who want to camouflage the small defects of the top of their face.

The half-long square wavy

> If the long squares sometimes tend to pull the facial features down, the slightly shorter squares, just below the ears, offer a lifting effect: what a godsend!
To give them more volume, wave half lengths and spikes to create a wavy effect.

Some more tips

Care for your hair by blowing softly and applying a few drops of sublimating oil on the tips.
Fall for a subtle wick game to give relief and movement to your cut. This can be a slightly lighter sweep than your natural color, but also a shaded hair or a tie and dye.
Inflate the volume of your cut by creping your roots with a fine comb and then applying a veil of dry shampoo. Feel free to repeat the operation during the day to give pep ‘to your square.Curly hair: 15 hairstyles to sublimate them

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