cool hairstyles for a little guy

Bringing your child to the hairdresser may be a delight or a torture! Between the result not necessarily glorious, the lack of patience of your toddler or the whim for a delirious cut: better then arrive prepared at the hairdresser.
 cool hairstyles for a little guy
Before you start gleaning ideas for hairstyles or haircuts for your boy, ask yourself about his hair nature: are they frizzy, smooth, curly, wavy?
This will allow you to know which hairstyles are to be avoided because they require time-consuming shaping and which are the ones that lend themselves to the texture of their hair.
 cool hairstyles for a little guy
Finally, remember that even if you have the power to decide on his haircut and his hairstyle, the important thing is that he adheres, he loves and he is happy.
A nice hairstyle for a little guy with long hair (shoulder lengths)
Before unsheathing the pair of scissors, know that mid-length hair is more and more popular with boys! Without leaving them fallow, you can have fun with it to create wisps falling on the side or have them degraded for a surfer effect. If your boy is a fan of skateboarding, he’ll love the idea!
 cool hairstyles for a little guy
A light gradient will give more texture to your boy’s hair while lightening them, giving it a trendy boho look. cool hairstyles for a little guy

Another option is the undercut which consists of cutting the hair from the lower part of the head while keeping lengths on the top. Extremely popular because reminiscent of footballers, this haircut can be chic if you get inspired Romeo Beckham by keeping a sufficient length but not excessive on the top while pruning without shaving the neck
A nice hairstyle for a little guy with medium length hair
The cut of your child is not really visible because his hair has grown back? Instead of redoing everything, take the opportunity to explore other styles. cool hairstyles for a little guy

A stripe on the side, a little gel to create a wick or to fold his hair back can give him a whole new face and allow you to space his appointments at the hairdresser.
 cool hairstyles for a little guy
If the cut is essential, remember to keep some mass on the top of the head. Naturally, your boy will appear to be well coiffed and this will allow you to have fun with his hair occasionally.

For example, you can create an elegant hairstyle with a little gel and a comb to smooth it all out, or make him happy by letting him adopt an Iroquois (no scissors, just gel to hold everything) .
A nice hairstyle for a little guy with short hair
If your child has short to very short hair, the options are more limited. However, you can perfectly experience new hairstyles by playing on the movement of the hair and why not try the little girl reminding them Tintin. cool hairstyles for a little guy

Does your child have wavy or curly hair? You can give it a new look by changing, the time of a hairstyle, its hair nature. Above all, neither straightener nor straightener! Just use a comb and gel to keep them in place.
Take a look at the pictures of the most beautiful boys hairstyles on Pinterest! cool hairstyles for a little guy

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