bluffing hairstyles for short hair

 bluffing hairstyles for short hair
Just because you have a short haircut does not mean you can not have fun with your hair. The proof with these looks very easy to achieve.

A few minutes are enough to transform and energize a short cut. Lustrous or brushed towards the back of the head, the hair gives a very chic look to our look. Textured with a styling spray, they have a more casual boyish effect. Accessorized with a headband, a scarf or a jewel, they immediately brighten up the face. If they are a little longer on the top of the head, you can play with the effects of material by looping them. Another option for a sophisticated result: form a bulky shell on the top of the head or display a side hair by plating some of your hair on your head. bluffing hairstyles for short hair

The hair kit you will need:

A texturizing powder and lacquer for volume.
A curling iron and a wavy effect texturizing spray.
A gel or a wax to obtain the gomin� effect.
Hair accessories: headbands, scarves, bun clips … let your creativity speak! Be careful, they must not be too heavy. Otherwise, they may slip.
Thanks to Emma Guerri, Director of the Saint-Algue Training, Coiff & Co and Intermede.q bluffing hairstyles for short hair

twisted bun for short hair
This twisted bun, sublimated by some colorful accessories, is ideal to showcase a short haircut or a square. Do you want to make it at home in 5 minutes? Follow our video tips without waiting.
 bluffing hairstyles for short hair
Why do we crack?
Because this chic and glamorous hairstyle is easily worn during the day and evening, on smooth, curly wavy hair.
It also has the advantage of being able to be performed on long hair, mid-long but also on a very short square, provided that it is not too degraded.
 bluffing hairstyles for short hair
How to realize it?

Wrap the locks of the contour of the face on themselves to form 2 twists.
Tie the twists to the back of the head with an elastic band.
Wrap the little hair that sticks out of the elastic on themselves to form the bun and then fix it with pins.
You just have to drop a few bars in the heart of the bun to perfect your look!

Thanks to St�phane Weyl, Training Manager Fabio Salsa. bluffing hairstyles for short hair

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