7 easy hairstyles for the holidays

7 easy hairstyles for the holidays
The jewel bun
The bun is a timeless hairstyle. To make it look festive, it is made precious with a glittering jewel. How to do ? Opt for a natural bun, a bit wild, but with a line in the middle wise and some glittering jewelry to bring the spirit of Christmas to the end of the hair. An easy hairstyle to make, on any nature or length of hair.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays
Level make-up, we put on a lipstick well supported and eyes totally nude

The curved ponytail
A classic but chic hairstyle for Christmas or the New Year, for those with long hair. To achieve it, we start by making a low wavy tail elegantly waved, that we will bend on the top of the head. The elastic is covered by a lock of hair. We choose a stripe on the side to create a pretty wick on the forehead that descends gently on the ear.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays

The tip for a curved effect: Crepe roots and do not hesitate to have heavy hand on the fixing spray. For very fine hair, we place a small push-up velcro (sold in supermarkets) on which we fold the hair.
The most to give relief and light: A discreet scan with slightly golden highlights.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays
To add a glittering touch to her Christmas hairstyle, Els�ve Starlight Sequined Lacquer is adopted. Not only, it will fix your hairstyle properly but in addition it will leave on your hair a delicate veil of shimmering sequins and a slight floral scent. And to eliminate it, a simple brush stroke is enough!
The one shoulder wavy
Another cool idea of party hairstyles for long hair. Ripples like notched on the shoulder, a line very eccentric … We play the rockers chic and sexy with a spirit of 1920s.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays

The easy trick to make the notches: Fold the wicks in half and heat slightly with the iron.
The jewel: An ear cuff to dress the ear discovered.
The make-up: A smoky eye smoky for a look of embers.

The wet effect
The wet look is super trendy and will give you an air of Venus out of the water in these holidays of end of the year. How to adopt this hairstyle? It’s very easy ! First step inescapable: getting your hair wet. Then, for an impeccable hairstyle, disentangle and smooth them to perfection For ease of styling, we use the Universal Extraordinary Oil of Els�ve. His asset? It adapts to all types of hair. Used before shampoo, it nourishes deeply and used before smoothing, it disciplines the hair to help styling.
Then you just have to work the effect wet with the gel (a nutty enough) that we will distribute well over the entire hair.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays
Most ? A shine spray to give shine.
A semblance of neglected effect to adopt with a bright face and an extremely neat outfit.
The punk braid
Halfway between the bun and the ridge, it’s our heart stroke in the punk-chic trend.
We propose you a braided banana bun combed-disheveled.
How to do ? Make a braid plated from the neck to the top of the head. Conceal the remaining strands under the braid with bun pins and lightly ruffle everything.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays
The curly chic
You have curly hair and you despair of finding a sublime hairstyle for Christmas? So bet on the curly chic. The idea is to make well-curled loops and then to crepe for a vaporous effect. To work on your curls, we recommend the Sublime Oil Milk Curls Els�ve, a very nourishing cream that can be used on both wet hair and dry hair. Flat pliers to create a separation between curls and smooth hair on the top of the head. And to complete this look of ultra-chic lioness, we put on a sophisticated makeup.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays

The retro bun
Esprit Dolce Vita for this very low bun, bulging on the top of the head, the face framed by two locks, with very smooth and shiny hair.
As for the curved ponytail, we use a little velcro push up to prevent it from falling like a puff in the late evening agitated.
For the make-up, we opt for the femme fatale atmosphere. During this holiday season, we can exceptionally allow the accumulation of eye-lips.
We even dare earrings so barroco.7 easy hairstyles for the holidays

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